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Join us if you and your hotel are a good and sincere eco entrepreneur, strongly committed to sustainable development.

We need to ensure that only truly dedicated hotels are on our site – at the same time we understand that sustainability has many faces, and that each hotel may have its own approach to sustainability, prioritizing what lies closest to their hearts.

This is why we have created a setup where you can choose from four different ways to get approved to our site, see the various options below.

Find the one that fits you best, and once you have the required documentation ready, we will go through it with you, and give you a helping hand if you need it.

We look forward to welcoming you into our family, and working with you towards a brighter and more sustainable future – full of exciting adventures across the world! Sustainable

Any hotel that has undergone a serious and extensive sustainability certification, is welcome on iLoveEcoHotels.com without further ado.

The concept

A booking site with a heart! 


We believe that tourism, one of the world´s largest and fastest-growing industries, has the potential to be a power for good. In order for that to happen, we need more facts, more transparency and less green-washing. iLoveEcoHotels.com aims to be a tool for the sustainability-conscious traveler, who values commitment and responsible actions equally to a good experience and a comfortable stay. 


At iLoveEcoHotels.com, we practice what we preach! 10% of our commissions go to supporting The Travel Foundation – an independent charity working to ensure tourism benefits people and the environment in destinations.


-We recognize that it´s hard to navigate as a consumer in an online world where green-washing is not better controlled and limited. 

-We understand the challenges facing hotel owners, trying to maintain their personal expression and financial health in a world dominated by huge online travel agencies and search engines going hand-in-hand to exact the maximum amount of bookings and highest possible commissions.   

-And we understand that it´s hard to take in account all aspects of sustainability when traveling – what is more important to you: organic/healthy food, social commitment, a responsible environmental approach? Or all 3 – and more? 


We have allied ourselves with the most trustworthy authorities within sustainable travel, and all hotel operators on our site live up to all criteria pertaining to the triple bottom line, as defined by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. 


So dear hotel owner: we will support your business when you want it, and not cannibalize on your business when you prefer to stand on your own. And we will not charge you exorbitant commission rates for our services. We promise that you will only be in the company of dedicated sustainable hotels operators such as yourself – a community of tips, advice and best-practice sharing across the world, to the continued growth of responsible tourism.

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We have offices all over Europe and we look forward to explore market opportunities with you.

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Terms and conditions

General Terms and conditions - I Love Eco Hotels

These terms and conditions (the “Terms”), as may be amended from time to time, apply to all services (the “Services”) made available by I Love Eco Hotels ApS, Denmark, org no. 37978957, Danasvej 36B, 1910 Frederiksberg C (“ILEH”) online, through mobile devices, by email or by telephone. 

By using ILE’s Services hereunder using our website www.iloveecohotels.com or any of our applications through whatever platform  and/or by completing a reservation, you agree to the Terms.

 1. Scope of the Service

Through the ILE website www.iloveecohotels.com ILE provide an online booking site through which temporary accommodation which fulfill the ILE standards can advertise their rooms for reservation, and through which visitors to the website can make reservations of such temporary accommodation. 

By making a reservation the user enter into a legally binding contractual relationship with the accommodation provider at which you book. ILE act solely as an intermediary between you and the accommodation, sending the details of your reservation to the relevant accommodation provider and sending you a confirmation email for and on behalf of the accommodation provider.

The information that ILE disclose on www.iloveecohotels.com and anywhere else regarding the accommodation is based on the information provided by the accommodation providers. They are fully responsible for updating all rates, availability and other information which is displayed on our website. ILE cannot guarantee that, all information is accurate, complete or correct, nor can ILE be held responsible for any errors, any interruptions of our website or otherwise, inaccurate, misleading or untrue information or non-delivery of information. Each accommodation provider remains responsible at all times for the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the (descriptive) information (including the rates and availability) displayed on our website.

 2. Prices/rates

All prices on the www.iloveecohotels.com website are per room for your entire stay and are displayed including VAT and all other taxes (subject to change of such taxes), unless stated differently on our website or the confirmation email. Applicable taxes may be charged by the accommodation in the event of a no-show or cancellation fee.

3. Privacy and cookies

Please have a look at our privacy and cookies policy for further information.

 4. Free of charge/Donations

Our service is free of charge to the guests.

Accommodation providers pay a small commission to us after the guest has stayed at and paid the accommodation.

If ILE has agreed to give a donation, the donation will be paid by us and the accommodation provider. 

 5. Payment/Credit card or bank transfer

Certain accommodation providers offer the opportunity for reservations to be paid (wholly or partly and as required under the payment policy of the accommodation) to the accommodation provider during the reservation process by means of secure online payment (all to the extent offered and supported by your bank). Payment is safely processed from your credit/debit card or bank account to the bank account of the accommodation provider through a third party payment processor. Please be advised that final payment will occur at the hotel. Please also note that when paying with credit cards fees may apply in accordance to national merchant and credit card terms. All debit cards are free of charge.

For certain rates or special offers, please note that accommodation providers may require that payment is made upfront by wire transfer (if available) or by credit card, and therefore your credit card may be pre-authorised or charged (sometimes without any option for refund) upon making the reservation. Please check the room details thoroughly for any such conditions prior to making your reservation.

In the event of credit card fraud or unauthorised use of your credit card by third parties, most banks and credit card companies bear the risk and cover all the charges resulting from such fraud or misuse, which may sometimes be subject to a deductible (usually set at EUR 50 (or the equivalent in your local currency)). In the event that your credit card company or bank charges the deductible from you because of unauthorised transactions resulting from a reservation made on our website, we will pay you this deductible, up to an aggregate amount of EUR 50 (or the equivalent in your local currency). In order to indemnify you, please make sure that you report this fraud to your credit card provider (in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures) and contact us immediately by email). Please state 'credit card fraud' in the subject line of your email and provide us with evidence of the charged deductible (e.g. policy of the credit card company). This indemnification only applies to credit card reservations made using www.iloveecohotels.com's secure server and the unauthorised use of your credit card resulted through our default or negligence and through no fault of your own while using the secure server.

 6. Cancellation and no-show

By making a reservation with an accommodation provider, you accept and agree to the relevant cancellation and no-show policy of that accommodation provider, and to any additional terms and conditions of the accommodation provider that may apply to your reservation or during your stay. The general cancellation and no-show policy of each accommodation provider is made available on our website on the accommodation information pages, during the reservation procedure and in the confirmation email. Please note that certain rates or special offers are not eligible for cancellation or change. Applicable city/tourist tax may still be charged by the accommodation in the event of a no-show or charged cancellation. Please check the room details thoroughly for any such conditions prior to making your reservation. Please note that a reservation which requires down payment or (wholly or partly) prepayment may be cancelled (without a prior notice of default or warning) insofar the relevant (remaining) amount(s) cannot be collected in full on the relevant payment date in accordance with the relevant payment policy of the accommodation and the reservation. Late payment, wrong bank, debit or credit card details, invalid credit/debit cards or insufficient funds are for your own risk and account and you shall not be entitled to any refund of any (non-refundable) prepaid amount unless the accommodation agrees or allows otherwise under its (pre)payment and cancellation policy.

If you wish to review, adjust or cancel your reservation, please revert to the confirmation email and follow the instructions therein. Please note that you may be charged for your cancellation in accordance with the accommodation provider's cancellation, (pre)payment and no-show policy or not be entitled to any repayment of any (pre)paid amount. We recommend that you read the cancellation, (pre)payment and no-show policy of the accommodation provider carefully prior to making your reservation and remember to make further payments on time as may be required for the relevant reservation.

If you have a late or delayed arrival on the check-in date or only arrive the next day, make sure to (timely/promptly) communicate this with the accommodation so they know when to expect you to avoid cancellation of your room or charge of the no-show fee. Our customer service department can help you if needed with informing the property. ILE does not accept any liability or responsibility for the consequences of your delayed arrival or any cancellation or charged no-show fee by the accommodation.

ILE has the right at any time to cancel a booking in case of a technical overbooking or failure caused by database/search engine. 

 7. Correspondence and communication

By completing a booking, you agree to receive (i) an email which we may send you shortly prior to your arrival date, giving you information on your destination and providing you with certain information and offers (including third party offers to the extent that you have actively opted in for this information) relevant to your reservation and destination, and (ii) an email which we may send to you promptly after your stay inviting you to complete our guest review form. Please see our privacy and cookies policy for more information about how we may contact you.

ILE disclaims any liability or responsibility for any communication with the accommodation on or through its platform. You cannot derive any rights from any request to, or communication with the accommodation or (any form of) acknowledgement of receipt of any communication or request. 

In order to duly complete and secure your reservation, you need to use your correct email address. We are not responsible or liable for any wrong email address or inaccurate phone number or credit card number.

When we process your information as described above, it is on the following legal basis:

       I. Contract Completion: The use of your information may be required to fulfill the contract you have with us. For example, if you use our services to make a booking online, we use your information to fulfill our obligation to complete and process the booking in accordance with our contract with you.

       II. Legitimate interest: We may use your information for legitimate interest, eg. to provide you with the best possible content on our website, emails and newsletters to improve and promote our products and services as well as the content on our website and for administrative purposes, to counter fraud and for legal reasons.

       III. Consent: We may, with your consent, use your personal information for direct marketing. You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at any of the addresses at the end of this Data Protection Declaration.

 9. Limitation of liability

ILE shall only be liable for direct damages actually suffered, paid or incurred by you due to an attributable shortcoming of our obligations in respect to our services, up to an aggregate amount of the aggregate cost of your reservation as set out in the confirmation email (whether for one event or series of connected events).

However and to the extent permitted by law, neither we nor any of our officers, directors, employees, representatives, subsidiaries, affiliated companies, distributors, affiliate (distribution) partners, licensees, agents or others involved in creating, sponsoring, promoting, or otherwise making available the site and its contents shall be liable for (i) any punitive, special, indirect or consequential loss or damages, any loss of production, loss of profit, loss of revenue, loss of contract, loss of or damage to goodwill or reputation, loss of claim, (ii) any inaccuracy relating to the (descriptive) information (including rates, availability and ratings) of the accommodation as made available on our website, (iii) the services rendered or the products offered by the accommodation provider or other business partners, (iv) any (direct, indirect, consequential or punitive) damages, losses or costs suffered, incurred or paid by you, pursuant to, arising out of or in connection with the use, inability to use or delay of our website, or (v) any (personal) injury, death, property damage, or other (direct, indirect, special, consequential or punitive) damages, losses or costs suffered, incurred or paid by you, whether due to (legal) acts, errors, breaches, (gross) negligence, willful misconduct, omissions, non-performance, misrepresentations, tort or strict liability by or (wholly or partly) attributable to the accommodation or any of our other business partners (including any of their employees, directors, officers, agents, representatives or affiliated companies) whose products or service are (directly or indirectly) made available, offered or promoted on or through the website, including any (partial) cancellation, overbooking, strike, force majeure or any other event beyond our control.

Whether the accommodation you stay at charges you (or has charged you) for your room, or we are facilitating the payment of the room price, you agree and acknowledge that the accommodation is at all times responsible for the collection, withholding, remittance and payment of the applicable taxes due on the total amount of the room price to the relevant tax authorities. ILE is not liable or responsible for the remittance, collection, withholding or payment of the relevant taxes due on the room price to the relevant tax authorities.

By uploading photos/images/films onto our system (for instance in addition to a review) you certify, warrant and agree that you own the copyright to the photos/images and that you agree that ILE may use the uploaded photos/images on its (mobile) website and app, and in (online/offline) promotional materials and publications and as ILE at its discretion sees fit. You are granting ILE a non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, unconditional, perpetual right and license to use, reproduce, display, have reproduced, distribute, sublicense, communicate and make available the photos/images as ILE at its discretion sees fit. By uploading these photos/images the person uploading the picture(s) accepts full legal and moral responsibility of any and all legal claims that are made by any third parties (including, but not limited to, accommodation owners) due to ILE publishing and using these photos/images. ILE disclaims all responsibility and liability for the pictures posted. The person who uploaded the photo warrants that the photos/images shall not contain any viruses, Trojan horses or infected files and shall not contain any pornographic, illegal, obscene, insulting, objectionable or inappropriate material and does not infringe any third party (intellectual property right, copyright or privacy) rights. Any photo/image that does not meet the aforesaid criteria will not be posted and/or can be removed/deleted by ILE at any time and without prior notice.

 10. Intellectual property rights

Unless stated otherwise, the software and systems required for our services or available at or used by our website and the intellectual property rights (including the copyrights) of the contents and information of and material on our website are owned by ILE.

 11. Miscellaneous

To the extent permitted by law, these terms and conditions and the provision of our services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Danish law and any dispute arising out of these general terms and conditions and our services shall exclusively be submitted to the city court in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The original English version of these terms and conditions shall always prevail. The English version is available on our website (by selecting the English language) or shall be sent to you upon your written request.

If any provision of these terms and conditions is or becomes invalid, unenforceable or non-binding, you shall remain bound by all other provisions hereof. In such event, such invalid provision shall nonetheless be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, and you will at least agree to accept a similar effect as the invalid, unenforceable or non-binding provision, given the contents and purpose of these terms and conditions.


Hotel Partners FAQ

We've tried to answer any questions you may have about becoming a partner here. If you have a question about making a hotel booking with I Love Eco Hotels, please see FAQ below.


How can I register with ILoveEcoHotels.com?

 Fill in the “Hotel sign up!" form and click on "send form". Your hotel will be evaluated for participation. The next step is to sign our hotel agreement and finalise your participation by uploading information on the ILoveEcoHotels.com extranet.


Are there any charges to register?

 We do not charge anything to register your hotel with  ILoveEcoHotels.com. You only pay a commission over the booked room nights for your hotel through ILoveEcoHotels.com.


How do I update availability, rates and other information?

 You can update availability and rates online via the  ILoveEcoHotels.com extranet. Our team will assist you in making changes to content, rates and/or availability of rooms.


How do I receive the confirmation for a reservation?

 You will receive the confirmation by email and in your extranet overview (after a booking is made online).


Where and when does the guest pay for his/her hotel invoice?

 The guest pays at the hotel upon arrival or departure. The guest will pay the rate that is confirmed by email to the hotel (as published on the  ILoveEcoHotels.com website).


What can I do to receive more business through ILoveEcoHotels.com?

 It is important to offer the best room rates and best possible availability. Furthermore, having a truthful and informative hotel description including actual photos of your hotel will help us sell your rooms. Our team will support you in getting the best out of the  ILoveEcoHotels.com website.

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